Sunday, January 8, 2012

Updating Your Poetry Unit

Do you teach poetry during the year? Many of you probably do - I just finished a condensed unit before the holidays. I did something many people don't do though, I added a focus on poets.

Each day of our unit we had a "poet of the day" and students loved adding a new poet to the Poet-Tree and learning about various poets. Take a look at that leaf, students were on the edge of their seat ready to fill it out! We learned about Prelutsky, Silverstein, Lear, and Whitman.

Each poet had a mini-biography including some life information, a photo, and a poem or two of theirs. I couldn't get over how some of the students read ahead.

All of this PLUS the poetry passport students used (and reminded me to stamp) are all available at my brand new Teachers Pay Teachers store. The poet leaf and biographies come as a package and you can get the passport for free (isn't that a teacher's favorite word?!)

Spice up that poetry with some poets - the kids will love it!

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