Sunday, April 12, 2015

Appy Hour: Class Dojo

So as my spring break comes to a close, I face the reality of a Monday morning alarm clock. The benefit of returning to school tomorrow is that while I was away, my laptops from Donor's Choice arrived. I am looking forward to opening a box with four new laptops for my students to use.

The excitement for tomorrow has inspired me to write a new reoccurring post. . .

Appy Hour was first introduced to me at a recent conference, where, like the title may suggest, educators gathered around a bar and shared some apps they use in the classroom. While we aren't discussing these apps at a bar, I hope you are enjoying a nice glass of wine as you read this. :)

And so, the first app I've chosen to share is ClassDojo.
To be honest, I use ClassDojo as both an app and a website - but regardless - it is still one of my favs.

I'm sure most of you are "down with the Dojo" but if you aren't, it is a classroom management program that allows you to award both positive and negative points for student behavior. One of the best features is it allowed parents to track the behavior and see WHY students are gaining or loosing points.

In my class, students trade in their points for prizes - the same prizes I have always given out as a teacher - but now instead of three classroom management methods - I'm down to ONE.

The best part is, I've convinced both my grade level partners to join this year so when my students switch classes, they are held to the same standard they are in my class because all teachers have access to each other's classes.

I leave you with the positive and negative behaviors I use. See you at the next Appy Hour!